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Solving Hard Problems Requires the Right Partners

Valley Capital Partners (VCP) is a leading early stage investor in Silicon Valley and the Midwest, founded on the belief that the world’s greatest technology companies can be built anywhere, if they can just access the right networks and capital to allow them to succeed.

Decades of relationships built co-investing in leading Silicon Valley startups allows our founders access to the worlds most experienced investors, entrepreneurs, and mentors, who can help take a startup from early product validation to growth at scale.

As a result, our founders understand exactly what metrics and targets they need to hit, and have a clear roadmap to subsequently raise capital from the largest firms in the world, have incredible exit opportunities when ready, and are able to generate leading returns for investors and key stakeholders alike that can transform their local ecosystems.  

We focus on developing startups where they are created, and working extensively with partners to build an unrivaled network around our portfolio. Our investors and partners are some of the leading individuals, family offices, and institutions in Silicon Valley, who are ready to partner with us to help you build the future.

Why Us?

Over the past two decades, our investors and advisors have helped launch and scale some of the most successful technology companies ever in Silicon Valley.  At VCP, we are early stage partners looking towards a long term horizon, helping you build a foundation for growth.

At Valley Capital Partners, we are experienced investors who have helped build, scale, and exit some of the largest technology companies in the US.  We focus on discovering and backing brilliant teams solving hard problems at scale, providing them the capital, mentorship and networks they need to succeed.

Today, historically overlooked regions outside major technology hubs are home to countless thriving innovations and entrepreneurs looking to build fundamentally sound companies solving real, hard problems at scale. We look to partner with the leading early stage firms and entrepreneurs building the tech ecosystem, partnering with them to help them achieve scale at speed.

Over the past two decades, our investors and advisors have helped launch and scale some of the most successful companies ever in Silicon Valley. We believe that great companies can be built anywhere today, and are excited to connect the networks and resources of Silicon Valley to startups in overlooked regions.

A Trusted Early Stage Lead for Later Stage Capital

Evaluating emerging technologies at their earliest stages of development is difficult.  Our partners rely on us to help them identify and assess a wide variety of markets with potential, and see how different teams are approaching and tackling the market.

Our focus on maintaining a small and focused active portfolio allows our partners to focus and engage in areas important to them and where they can have a real impact, while avoiding burning cycles at early stages where a technology or team may not yet be ready for sophisticated later stage capital. Subsequent investors and co-investors in our companies include many of the largest and most reputable growth firms in Silicon Valley.