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The Leading Series A Midwest Technology Investor

Our investment strategy is simple- lead Seed and Series A rounds to help founders build a company later stage investors are desperate to back. 

We write checks ranging from $3M-$7M to help experienced founders expand their teams, fulfill customer orders, scale outbound efforts, and expand the scope of their product development roadmap. 

We focus on clean cap tables, incentivized founding teams, and bringing the right strategic co-investment syndicate to bear that can help a company accelerate growth underpinned by strong underlying fundamentals. Our team only invests in a small number of companies at a time, ensuring each one receives careful and focused attention from our partners.

Why Us?

For the past 30 years, our investors and advisors have been instrumental in the launch and growth of some of the most successful technology companies in Silicon Valley. With $100M+ solely invested at Seed and Series A, our team has built a reputation as one of the leading firms solely focused on maturing early stage technology companies.

Companies have many great options for early and late stage capital, but the Series A gap in funding for technology companies can be incredibly difficult for founders to navigate.

We focus on identifying and supporting a handful of talented teams who are solving hard problems at scale with data and technology, and have demonstrated the ability to find real market traction.  We then provide them with the resources, capital, mentorship, and connections they need to succeed at scale, while helping them navigate obstacles and mistakes that can cause early stage startups to struggle to raise capital down the road.

Our focus is on early-stage companies in historically overlooked regions, working with leading firms and entrepreneurs to build the technology ecosystem and achieve rapid growth. With three decades of experience in Silicon Valley, we aim to bridge the gap between Silicon Valley and startups in the Midwest to create significant opportunities for our founders, partners, and investors.

Our Investment Thesis

Assessing new technologies in their early stages of development can be challenging. Our firm backs founders who can demonstrate they not only have built a solution to solve a real industry problem, but have significant customer traction underpinning early growth that our team can spend time evaluating and understanding if we can help the business scale.

While there is no set formula for a VCP company, our founders and teams often share common traits such as a passion for efficient growth, a strong understanding of key metrics, deep market knowledge, small teams focused on delivering exceptional products and leveraging data to drive efficient growth and offer exceptional value to customers. We love to talk with founders at any stage of early development, but begin to write a lead investor check as technology companies pass the $1M ARR mark.