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Seed and Series A Investors in Leading Technology Companies

At Valley Capital Partners, we back founders with deep industry expertise who have identified major pains and created solutions leveraging AI, data, and technology to solve the previously unsolvable problems.

Our founders have demonstrated a love for their market and solution, achieved significant early revenue and traction, and are looking for a long term capital partner to help them build a foundation for significant growth at scale and help them prepare to raise growth funding from the largest firms in the world.

We focus on connecting the leading Series A companies in the Midwest to Silicon Valley, helping accelerate their access to capital, customers, and strategic networks to prepare them to raise funding from the largest firms in the world.

We Accelerate Growth

Our team prides ourselves on being one of the best in the world at what we do- helping companies get from $1M to $10M in ARR to raise growth capital from the most notable firms in Silicon Valley.

We serve as an early stage partner to many leading firms and technology companies, with the majority of our investments coming from trusted later stage partners who are prepared to invest or become customers once a deal has reached significant scale, and are looking for our firm to help shape the foundation for growth with focused, personalized attention. 

Our partners focus on investing solely into maturing Seed and Series A companies who have found product market fit where our capital and networks can assist with capital raises and strategic planning, customer introductions and conversions, hiring and corporate governance, and product development.

Our Investment Philosophy

We look to partner with founders at Seed and Series A who have demonstrated product market fit, reaching over $1M in ARR through early contracts with key anchor customers.  We love building relationships with founders early, even years prior to investing, helping make introductions to potential customers, co-investors, and downstream capital that can help shape a companies journey.

Our team focuses on technology investments, with a strong active portfolio across climate tech, robotics, AI/ML, cybersecurity, blockchain, IoT, and enterprise software. We act solely as a lead investor, performing extensive due diligence and writing the largest check while taking a board seat to help position founders for rapid growth and expansion.

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Who We Are

Since 1997, our investors and advisors have been part of some of the most notable success stories across Silicon Valley and the Midwest. We are entrepreneurs and operators first, who are here to partner with you to build great technology. Innovation takes time and requires partners who can see your vision for the future, and are willing to walk alongside you every step of the way.

Changming Liu
CEO, Stellar Cyber

“Valley Capital’s partners have been huge difference makers for our company. We have partnered with VCP since our Series A round, and we have yet to meet a more hardworking, responsive, and supportive VC. Valley Capital has helped us tremendously with executive recruiting, introductions to customers as well as other strategic investors, and advice on business strategies. We couldn’t have grown as quickly without their trust, advice and encouragement.”