Early Investments in Exceptional People

Since 1997, our partners have been investing into exceptional people building emerging technologies across Silicon Valley.

More than just early stage capital, we are company builders.

Our Approach

Focused Service for World Class Founders

The best founders in the world have optionality at every financing round from who they want to raise capital from, from inception to IPO.

At Valley Capital Partners, we have a firm culture committed to exceptional service to founders. Founded by a former Kleiner Perkins EIR, our roots are in company building in Silicon Valley, and from our first diligence call our goal is focused, long term partnership with the truly exceptional.

We are not indexers of the private markets. In each fund, we seek to write 8-12 strong checks, allowing our team to lean in hard on each investment and provide extraordinary access to our LPs, some of the most exceptional technology investors and financiers in the world for whom we are their earliest, highest concentration capital to founders.

Meaningful Relationships. Extraordinary Results.

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While we have a flexible mandate to back the best founders referred to us at their earliest stages of growth, our team, advisors, and networks are primarily staffed to support founders building technology solutions focused on early enterprise adoption.

What we are

What we are not