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Valley Capital Partners

Since 1997, our partners have invested on the forefront of emerging technologies solving hard problems in large markets while delivering exceptional outcomes for founders and investors alike

 100+ Investments Made | 11 IPOs | 14 Unicorns | 24 Exits via M&A

Our Investment Philosophy

Throughout our history, we have focused on developing our investment strategies around a few core areas:

  • Exceptional opportunities can be created at the earliest stages of growth, when product market fit has been discovered and it is time to begin executing on go to market strategy at scale
  • Maintaining smaller individual fund sizes with concentrated portfolio constructions allows our team to lean in at the most impactful stage of value creation for a startup
  • Top decile returns can be generated for investors and founders by backing exceptional talent with a long term investment horizon. We focus on supporting management and key employees with strategic capital, introductions, and advisory networks to provide them a foundation for growth as they test, pivot, and attack market opportunities