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Raymond Choi

General Partner Raymond Choi is a General Partner at Valley Capital Partners who focuses on healthcare IT, biotech, and healthcare AI startups. Raymond is currently a board member of Stellar Cyber for the firm and has worked on deals such as Orca Bio, Clipboard Health, Ferrum Health, and LiquidCell DX. Raymond was also the Founder and […]

David Vardanyan

Analyst David Vardanyan is an analyst at Valley Capital Partners helping evaluate early stage AI and enterprise software startups. David’s academic foundation is rooted in his physics studies in Armenian Slavic university. He later applied his physics capacities to a software engineering context and worked for multiple software startups including Wedding Spot and Flytjum as well […]

Taylor Chartier

Analyst Taylor Chartier is an analyst at Valley Capital Partners evaluating AI and Midwest deal flow. In addition, Taylor is the CEO of Modicus Prime, helping pharmaceutical companies apply machine learning and artificial intelligence for multivariate modeling to optimize pharmaceutical production, perform root cause analysis, and generate leads that can result in safer and more efficient […]

Antonio Espinosa

Venture Partner Antonio Espinosa is a venture partner at Valley Capital Partners advising on capital raises, portfolio construction, and operational execution. Before joining Valley Capital, Antonio spent seven years building SUI Capital, and early stage technology fund focuses on food industry technologies and Chameleon Investments, a fund specializing in real estate development in Mexico and Southern […]

Mike Lempres

Investment Partner | Investment Committee Member Mike Lempres is an Investment Partner at Valley Capital Partners, helping oversee and support founders in the firms active investment portfolio in areas such as corporate governance, capital raises, and executive hiring, compensation, and retention. Prior to joining Valley Capital Partners Investment Committee, Mike was an EIR and Partner […]

Hunter MacMillan

Associate Hunter MacMillan is an Associate at Valley Capital Partners focused on deal flow, diligence, and investment support across verticals. In addition, Hunter is the Chief Executive Officer of Aeris Surgical, a medical-device company based in South Bend, IN. Prior to these roles, Hunter spent time as an operator and entrepreneur at Notre Dame’s Idea […]

Rubén de Jesús Medina

Venture Partner Rubén de Jesús Medina is a venture partner at Valley Capital Partners, helping source and evaluate technology deals across the Midwest and focused on areas such as climate tech, IoT, and manufacturing technology. An experienced engineer and investor, Rubén is the Founder & Managing Director of the Fūrinkazan Venture Studios, supporting overlooked founders […]

Mitchell Kokko

General Partner | Investment Committee Member Mitchell Kokko is a General Partner and Investment Committee Member at Valley Capital Partners, focused on investments in robotics, enterprise AI, and climate tech. Additionally, Mitchell oversees the firms day to day operations, managing the investment team and diligence process, deal flow pipeline and evaluation, and firm expansion and growth across the Midwest, […]

Steve O’Hara

Founder and Managing Partner | Investment Committee Member One of the leading Seed and Series A technology investors in the past several decades out of Silicon Valley, Steve O’Hara is the Managing Partner of Valley Capital Partners. Steve brings decades of operating and investing experience to lead Valley Capital Partners, with 18 exits among his […]