Antonio Espinosa

Antonio Espinosa helps maximize product founders who are building for themselves.

" One of my great joys was partnering with Evan in the building of Snap. To build a productive relationship, you need to have trust and know where you complement each other. I try to understand where founders are strong and where I might need to support them so that they can realize the ultimate value of what they’re building. "

Boundless possibility

As a kid, I got into coding because it offered me a sandbox where anything seemed possible. In college, I teamed up with a friend to join hackathons. One year, we made it to the Facebook Global Finals. That drew the attention of recruiters and I realized this could be more than a hobby. I was in the final stages of interviewing at a big tech company when I met Evan Spiegel at Snapchat. Snap was building beautiful and novel products that solve real human needs. . I realized that what I loved wasn’t just coding—it was that sense of boundless possibility that I felt when I was younger.

Over the 8 years I spent at Snap, I was responsible for growth and product. Because Evan is a product-focused founder, my job was to put the right stuff in front of him that would enable him to make the best decisions he could. I would then put together a plan and a team to make the product successful and enable the company to grow sustainably. Internalizing a founder’s vision for the product and helping them develop and operationalize it felt like my sweet spot. And I realized Greylock is where I could play that role to the next generation of founders.

I’m looking to partner with founders like Evan to help them on a similar journey of building an enduring public company.

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