Who We Are

Why Data?

In 2011 Marc Andreessen famously wrote that “software is eating the world”, making a bold bet with Ben Horowitz with their fund on backing software and technology companies.  That statement continues to hold true today, and every industry now leverages software and technology.

But something interesting has happened.

Companies adopting software across all industries over the past decade created massive amounts of data, yet often struggled to analyze and leverage it to solve real problems.

As new technologies advance, from AI to machine learning, we now have an opportunity to pair data with science and technology at the earliest stages to tackle hard problems.

This creates an opportunity for the next generation of disruptive companies to emerge.

From how we think about how to tackle big problems, to how we identify markets and areas of opportunity, to how we go about creating solutions that scale to change the world, we can now leverage data to create solutions that are not merely an incremental improvement, but true leaps forward in innovation.

Our investment lens is shaped by our beliefs that data is reshaping the way science and technology can solve problems at scale.

We back founders who believe the same.

Who We Are

Valley Capital Partners is an early-stage venture capital firm based in Palo Alto, CA investing in data-focused deep technology companies at Seed and Series A in sectors such as AI/ML, biotech, blockchain, cybersecurity, enterprise, healthcare IT, and robotics.

We are defined by our focused approach to identifying early but promising data-driven science and technology companies across the United States. Our engagement focuses on partnering with founders to provide capital, access to strategic investment networks, and talent to build strong foundations for growth that allow our founders to meet the high standards required to raise capital from the biggest funds in the world.

The firm is led by partners who are former operators and entrepreneurs and experienced investors with decades of experience and relationships with the leading growth venture capital funds, and our limited partners include notable family offices, individuals, and institutions across Silicon Valley and the United States.