Who We Are

Why Focus on Connecting Silicon Valley with the Midwest?

Once the heart of America’s industries, the Midwest struggled for the past several decades to advance, as increases in globalization cut away at the growth of historic industries in the Rust Belt.  Over the past decade however, the Midwest has seen a dramatic resurgence, as state governments, leading research universities, pre-seed and seed stage venture funds, angel networks, and companies with historical presences have poured investment into infrastructure to help launch the next generation of technology companies.

Today, the Midwest is home to countless thriving regions where entrepreneurs look to build fundamentally sound companies solving real, hard problems at scale.  While a massive amount has been accomplished over the past decade, there are countless more opportunities and needs for strategic capital to take the region to the next level, and we are proud to play a small but active role in the Midwest.

Over the past two decades, our investors and advisors have helped launch and scale some of the most successful companies ever in Silicon Valley.  We believe that great companies can be built anywhere today, and are excited to connect the networks and resources of Silicon Valley to Midwest startups.

Who We Are

Valley Capital Partners is an early-stage venture capital firm based in Palo Alto, CA, investing at late Seed and Series A in sectors such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, and enterprise infrastructure.

We are defined by our focused approach to identifying early but promising data-driven technology companies across the United States. Our engagement focuses on partnering with founders to provide capital, access to strategic investment networks, and talent to build strong foundations for growth that allow our founders to meet the high standards required to raise capital from the biggest funds in the world.

The firm is led by partners who are former operators and entrepreneurs and experienced investors with decades of experience and relationships with the leading growth venture capital funds, and our limited partners include notable family offices, individuals, and institutions across Silicon Valley and the United States.